About Stratolloon

About Stratolloon

Land different

Stratolloon was founded in 2018 with the goal of developing a complete new system that will allow to recover high altitude payloads. Right now, Stratolloon is based on the Accelerator of the Technical University of Valencia, StartUPV, since february 2018 where we are engineering our system.

Nowadays, the versatility and low cost of using stratospheric balloons is undermined because of the problems caused by the use of a parachute to return and land the payload. This absence of manoeuvrability and exposure to atmospheric conditions results in frequent collisions with the ground and other bodies, landings in undesirable places and, in short, an increase in cost to the customer due to the loss of the payload.

Stratolloon is established as a safe and economical system to transport payloads up to 30 km of altitude, through a drone or unmanned aerial device with a modular structure that allows a wide customization and prepared to withstand the physical and atmospheric conditions at the edge of the space.

Meet our team

Jorge Sancho


Aerospace Engineer specialized in the design and management of aircraft. In Stratolloon, Jorge Sancho is in charge of carrying out strategic collaborations with partners, investors, clients and suppliers. In his role as engineer, he is responsible for calculating all atmospheric, physical and structural conditions to which Stratolloon will be subjected.

Alejandro Caballero


Industrial Engineer specialized in mechanical design and product manufacturing. In Stratolloon, Alejandro Caballero is responsible for the design and manufacture of all components of the Stratolloon. In addition, thanks to his experience the fields of web design and digital marketing, he is the main responsible of the online presence of Stratolloon.

Miguel Ferrando


PhD in Telecommunications specialized in the design of antennas shipped in high-altitude devices. In Stratolloon, Miguel Ferrando is in charge of managing, within the technical area of the project, telecommunications and electrical and electronic systems that allow monitoring all Stratolloon parameters.

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